Monday, March 30, 2009

The Celebration Is Over

Two months after the inauguration, people still send me pictures of obama and the first family smiling and looking all cutesy. Apparently no one got the memo. The celebration is over.

It's time for work.

Romantic sentiment about obama is over for me. the troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. not one soldier has come home as near as I can tell and he hasn't event given banks hundreds of billions of dollars while befgrudgingly giving the auto industry a few billion even though that industry employs working people throughout the midwest (and allowed a lot of working people to break into the middle class and make a better life for their kids). He has refused to attend the U.N. Conference against Racism in South Africa because he doesn't want to discuss reparations or Zionism (discuss, not act on...he doesn't even want to debate the
issue). If he disagrees with people's positions on Zionism or reparations, why can't he send a State Department envoy to represent his administration's position on those matters?

I don't want to see any more pretty smiling pictures. I want the change that was promised.

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