Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fox News Uses Nader Statement Against Him

Fox News is no champion for race relations, so for them to use a poorly thought-out racially charged statement from Nader to castigate him is pathetic. I strongly disagree with Nader's usage of the racially loaded term 'Uncle Tom' against the first African-American President (as I would if he used it against any black person) because I think racially loaded terms constitute ad hominem attacks when we should be LASER-FOCUSED ON ISSUES at this crucial juncture in American history. Still, shame on Fox for its continued attempts to undermine anyone who doesn't strictly follow the corporatist line and in pretending to be morally above it all as they do it.

Obama made judgments I questioned when he was a Senator and statements I questioned when he was a candidate. I will continue to make my resistance known (and hopefully felt) if he speaks or acts in a manner I find to be anti-progressive, pro-corporatist or pro-militaristic. I still deplore Nader's head-shaking-ly horrible choice of words, but I deplore Fox News (aka Faux News or Fixed News) even more.

2 comments: said...

While I concede the point with you that Fox news is certainly no champion of civil rights or racial harmony, I was happy that they chose to air Nader's quite dispicable comments on their show. They gave Nader the chance to recant that terrible phrase "Uncle Tom" which is deplorable at best and racist at worst and he adamently refused. I agree with the commentators' outrage. I was not very proud of that Nader moment either. Anyone who has an ounce of intelligence, knows that Fox news is a completely biased, conservatively bent broadcasting network--they don't even try to hide it. Just like Nader has been reduced to marginalization, so too is Fox news at this time. We are at a time (hopefully) in our history when we are trying to bridge divides, not polarize them and hopefully start to heal our nation. Fox news seems to represent the obsolete fringes of society, so why can't they do a little good as they wave the white flag on their way down?

soul searcher said...

The thing is, they aren't trying to do good, They were just trying to catch Nader in a "gotcha" moment to discredit him for one statement even though he's dedicated his whole life to fighting the same corporate evil that Fox News stands for and often distorts the truth for. The 'outrage' presented here by the Fox talking head is utterly phony and if a right wing figure made the same quote, they would be *defending* it. This was terribly transparent on their part, but they don't really broadcast news for people with critical thinking skills who are not already wildly right wing.