Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why I Like Jay-Z More Than Nas In 2008

Nas apparently showed himself to be unbelievably idiotic in this recent Urb interview:

He talks about injecting a message into his music, but admits to never once donating to a charity or special cause "yet," although he admires the philanthropic work of Ludacris and Jay-Z. He hints at the evils of a consumer culture, but defends Steve Stoute's work to "urbanize" McDonalds. ("I don't think he's out to kill black people with McDonalds. I think he's just a business guy and we know McDonalds is interested in the black community for whatever reason, good or bad, whatever.")

A guy who has had platinum records for the past 12 years says he hasn't donated to charity...YET.

And the Mcdonald's quote? Well, yeah, we can safely say Steve Stoute is probably not trying to kill black people with McDonald's (LOL), but for Nas not to be able to comprehend (or at least openly state) how his ex-manager Stoute is waist deep in "the evils of consumer culture" is hysterical. Some people will give the Lil Homie the credit of saying that maybe he was misquoted, but I've read 14 years of Nas interviews and this sounds spot on.

That is to say: this is unadulterated dumbassery.

And, to make it worse, he wanted to release a concept album titled N----r, until a rep at his label allegedly convinced him Wal-Mart would not dig this idea.

Somebody "Drop Squad" this guy ASAP.

Smarten up, Nas.

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